Terms and Conditions

Realtrader Community (RTC) is a social trading network of Forex traders from all over the world. Clients who trade with us can tap into the world's largest investment network, benefiting from the collective wisdom of our vast trading community. RealTrader Community network enables every customer to find expert traders to learn from and autocopy trade the best which suit their investment interest. Client can also analyze their performance and stats with charts and graphs. This helps them learn from their mistakes, make informed trading decisions, and become better traders overall. In Mocaz Financial Marketes, there is no bridge installation for you to install to connect between Manager account and Follower account. Our AutocopyTrade system instantly synchronizes the account and monitors for any new trading activity.

Live Activity

What is Live Activity Feed?

Live Activity Feed is the trading activities done by the traders. All clients can view if their chosen trader have any trade activities.


What is Broadcast? Who can post on Broadcast?

Broadcast is an area whereby all traders can express their opinions, suggestions and etc. It can be uploaded and viewed by all clients and Realtrader Community (RTC) visitors. All traders can Post their opinions here. However, please login first then a box will appear for you to write your post.

Trader Ranking

What is Trader Ranking?

Trader Ranking is the ranks for all traders based on their performance.

Why my trading account do not appear at Trader Ranking?

Only Premium Mini, Premium Standard and Pro Standard account will appear on Trader Ranking.

Economic News

What is Economic News?

Latest economic news for all traders to keep them alert and aware of the economic status.


How to view traders performance?

First, click on their username. Then you will need to login and then you will be lead to his page.

Trader Profile

What is the feature that you have in each trader profile?

Trader Profile : -Identity of the trader. However it is not compulsory for clients to update their profile.

Trading Activity : -All trading activities that they done

Performance : -Performance analysis


Once you already started trading with us, your trading accounts' performance and statistic will be displayed to all other clients in the RealTrader Community (RTC) menu. Here, you will be ranked depends on your trading performance for that particular time period, so other traders could evaluate and monitor your trading's expertise and experience before they decide either to AutocopyTrade your trading accounts or not. Given there is someone who thought that your trading capabilities are best suit his trading's risk and reward tolerance and then decided to AutocopyTrade your trading account, so that is it, you are now has become a Manager! From now onward, both of the trading accounts (yours and your follower's) are entitled for the AutocopyTrade Profit Sharing and the AutocopyTrade Profit Sharing Commission until your follower purposely stop AutocopyTrade you. It is easy and lucrative without you actually doing anything at all, all you need to do is trading as usually you did previously.

Terms and Conditions For Manager :

1) Basic Micro Trading Account are not permissible for AutocopyTrade function

2) Minimum deposit amount of USD 1000 is needed to allow the specified Trading Account to become a Manager (Master Account)

3) A Manager (Master Account) cannot AutocopyTrade others Trading Accounts, if you wish to AutocopyTrade others, feel free to create a new Trading Account for the purpose.

4) One Master Account could be AutocopyTrade by 500 number of Followers (Slave Account)


You can start searching any proven profitable and consistent traders which may best suit thier trading preference, risks and rewards tolerance from massive of option in the RealTrader Community (RTC) menu. In RealTrader Community, the best top 10 profitable traders at a particular time will be shown in our Top Performance Table, while the rest could be found in Traders Ranking menu. Follower are provided with a details of all traders' performance and statistic history, to enable you carefully evaluating and monitoring their current/previous trading achievement before deciding to AutocopyTrade their trading account.

Terms and Conditions for Follower :

1) Basic Micro Trading Account are not permissible for AutocopyTrade function

2) As for promotion, minimum deposit amount of USD 100 is needed to allow the specified Trading Account to become a Follower (Slave Account).

3) One Follower trading account (Slave Account) cannot AutocopyTrade 2 Managers from the same account, if you wish to AutocopyTrade other Manager, feel free to create a new Trading Account for the purpose.

4) The Slave Account cannot be AutocopyTrade by others.

AutocopyTrade Trading Tolerance

Autoscale : Enable Follower to copy Manager's position which automatically calculate the best lot size to be executed based on margin usage percentage derived from scaling both Manager and Follower account trading balance. Preferred option for newbie and intermediate traders.

Full : Enable Followers to FULLY copying each trade executed, modify or close by their Manager. Followers' trading account will execute the same LOT size used by their manager regardless their trading accounts' balance or margin acquired. Followers are strongly recommended to only use this option with a same or higher margin acquired compared to the Manager they chose.

Fixed : Enable Followers to FIXED the LOT size being executed to their Trading Account by AutocopyTrade their Managers. So, only the execution, stop loss and take profit level will be copied, not the lot size.

Dynamic : Enable Followers either to MULTIPLY or DIVIDE the LOT size entered by their Managers, while their Stop Loss and Take Profit level remains the same as per entered by their Managers.

Please take noted that when using AutocopyTrade :

1) Pending Order will not be displayed in Followers' trading terminal, only visible once its executed.

2) Followers are able to manually open/close/modify the positions in their Slave trading account.

AutocopyTrade Profit Sharing

100% out of the Followers' profit gained from AutocopyTrade will be distributed to:

1) 60% will be credited to Followers' manager wallet

2) 20% will be credited to Managers' manager wallet

3) 5% will be distributed as Profit Sharing Commission to the Followers affiliate network

4) 15% Mocaz's service charges on AutocopyTrade features and maintenance

Important Notes : An Auto-Withdrawal system will be applied to each profit gained form Autocopy Trade execution. The fund will be distributed to Managers and Followers' AutocopyTrade wallet at a certain set proportion.